Make do and mend day.

Paul Huntley
Mon 1 Dec 2008 11:41

18:36.91N 28:54.18W 

Monday 1st December 2008

This last month of the year gives us time to reflect on what has 2008 has brought us, Apart from global financial meltdown we have all had our share of sadness at the loss of people near to us, I also hope to that we are able to bring you some happiness in reading our blogs that bring you closer to sharing this adventure with us.

Yesterday we found what we hope are the trade winds which should be easterly 15/20 knots but life just ain't that simple, after a good sail for more than nine hours the wind has been falling to about 5 knots giving us a speed over the ground of less than six knots, I had hoped we might beat the 150 miles a day but I think we will be short by 15 miles giving us a respectable 135 miles since noon yesterday.

As can be seen by our position we are still going a little south to Lat 17 degrees where we are assured the trades are at their strongest our westing is now making a difference and we really are getting closer to St Lucia by the day with only 1850 miles to go.

The sky clouded up for a short while last night and I thought might be the portent of a change but although still cloudy it is very humid but, as yet things are remaining calm.

We had  sweet corn for a starter at dinner last night they were awful and dispatched to the deep very rapidly, This was followed by macaroni, bacon and cheese bake which came out luke warm as the oven had gone on strike and turned itself off .The tinned apricots and uht cream were perfect, even I couldn't spoil that. The night watches were quiet, but Bob is finding it hard to sleep in the aft cabin due to the constant noise of the steering quadrant and the auto pilot. James seems to be able to sleep anywhere so we have asked Pickford’s to come and move cabins, with Bob taking up residence in the main saloon on the best bunk in the boat, let’s hope his sleeping patterns improve.

On my night watch I found a flying fish on the port deck and returned him from whence he came, I was reminded by Bob that I should have kept him for fishing bate, next time! Despite that Bob now fast becoming our fishing expert landed another Dorado of about five pounds which he duly filleted for tea.

This morning we have run the generator longer to try and get a good battery charge, Dave and James have been scrubbing decks and we have also had a good vacuumed down below, yes we have to keep our little ship clean and tidy as in (Bristol fashion)

With noon approaching I had better tune in the S.S.B for the radio net and log our position.

Best wishes, more tomorrow Paul.