Bequia pronunced Beckway

Paul Huntley
Sat 7 Mar 2009 17:23
7th March 2009.  Hi from Bequia,it's sunny, hot at 28 degees c with a 15 knot trade wind.We sailed from the Pitons in St Lucia yesterday, these are a feature of the west coast, they are two prominant peaks rising from the sea at a near verticle angle, the depth of water as you approach the bay is over 300 feet at no more than a few meters from the shore.We had a peacfull night on a mooring leaving just after dawn for the fifty five mile run to Bequia. departing to the south of St Lucia under full sail .in the lee of the island the wind can be fickle and fluky.Once clear of the island the swell grew being exposed to the Atlantic,the run down to St Vincent is about twenty miles.We approached the northern shore at midday setting a course of 220 degrees to clear the southern end of the island and open out Bequia arriving at Admiralty Bay and a mooring for the night.
We decided that after a long day we would eat ashore.The waterfront has a local character all it's own, with colourful houses and restaurants.This morning Sarah and Emma went for a walk and shopped for fresh fruit and vegetables at the market on the quay. I went to the Revenue House to clear the boat and crew in to the Genadines with Customs and immigration we purchased the cruising permit $175:00 for one week.
We intend to sail to Mustique this afternoon but the wind has incresed to 25knts which might make it a bit lumpy for some.Sarah ,Tim and Emma swam back to the boat leaving Kirsty to guard the shopping on the quay.A young American called Cori from California invited the girls to try wake boarding, Sarah and Emma took up the offer and disappeared in to the bay.
Well lunch is waiting so I will keep you posted
Regards Paul