Caribbean Adventures

Paul Huntley
Thu 5 Mar 2009 00:31

A couple of inactive months for Libertad has left a few bruises on the boat – we currently have no fridge and Paul has been cleaning and replacing rusty equipment for the first day...

There was time this morning for Sarah and I to scrub the hull for a while, until Paul produced a 2 inch scraper for a 42 foot hull  (with both sides that’s 84 ft for you non-sailors) – kept us and the local fruit and veg seller on his boat entertained though. It was time to get the bikinis and sun screen out!

All is quite relaxed under the Caribbean sun however and the happy hour at the Rodney Bay Marina bar is helping raise well as the afternoons rum punch!

So far there is no actual sailing to report however Tim has proved quite handy with a dingy and the rest of the crew went to explore the local beach (with a multitude of sunbeds and tourists). There are some really friendly Caribbean men too (well to us girls anyway!), one of which insisted on rubbing aloe vera all over sarah for the “sunburn” – not that she asked for it  - the rest of us girls hid in the cabin.... she ended up with sunburn despite this. However the water taxi man proved quite a hit with Kirsty after promising to make a hat out of plants for me and then actually producing 2 stunning bowls that we watched him craft by hand.

We set sail tomorrow at first light (or perhaps a little later) to Piton further south of the island and the sail in Volcano – fully stocked with rum and bananas  - which will hopefully help Libertad get back in to the mood for the open seas.

Kirsty says hi to her Mum, Steve, James and Karina and the rest of us send our love too.

Much love from Emma (and the rest of the crew)