Way down south

Paul Huntley
Mon 20 Oct 2008 15:56
The sea is deep blue in daylight, at night the stars combine for the greatest  show in the universe. Thunder storms have been with us for two days, the most spectacular night sky iluminated by massive flashes of sheet and fork lightening,truly the most wonderful natural  pyrotechnic show you can imagine.We are still seeing pilot whale and the dolphins who came this morning  to play in our bow wave and entertain us over breakfast. Phosphoresence at night adds to this fantastic natural caberet.Bob has written  a lengthy blog which describes our adventures in Morroco very well.
Our main problem on this leg has been the lack of wind,force 2/4 at best so the engine has been pushing us along on an oily sea at six knots for more than 300 miles.As soon as we had full tanks of fuel , the wind and sea increased but fell away by nightfall leaving us to motor on through the night avoiding the long line( up to 5 miles) fisherman. At the change of watch this morning we shut down the engine for an oil and water check to discover the bilges full and the raw water pump p.......ssing water everwhere.  Tool kit out and spare pump found in our extensive stores, removing the old pump we found the bearings completly shattered and the seals leaking. after five hours of working in a very hot engine room . and only one false start, the new pump is on and keeping it's cool.Where is Guy (Emery) when you need him?
Ben and Debora have settled in really well and take every thing in their stride, Both have been cooking evening meals of Spagg Bol on our first night at sea followed on Sunday buy Sweet and Sour Chichen for Saturday and Corned beef stew ( this was the maiden voyage for the pressure cooker) on Sunday night.
We now have just over 150 nm to run to the southern tip of Lanzarote where we hope to have a day or two of R&R before making our final push on to Las Palamas , Gran Canaria. We are now SAILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! under full main and Genoa with the Hydrovane doing the steering, giving the autopilot a well earned rest. the peace and quiet has sent Ben an Debora to their bunks for a a nap in readyness for a double night watch.
Hope all is well with you blog watchers, We will keep you upto date with all the adventures as they happen, watch this space for the next entry.
Best wishes Paul.