It's the little things that matter.

Paul Huntley
Sat 29 Nov 2008 12:31

23:36.78N 20:43.32W


27th November 2008.

Good morning, it is day five on Libertad the last twenty four hours have been uneventful, we are still plodding South by West at 4/5 knots, and the wind is from the NNE at between 8 and 12 knots. During the night a big swell (2/3 Mts) has developed so cooking and chart work are that much harder. We have changed course by 15 degrees to starboard as the wind shift to the east. I am hoping this is the start of the easterly trades but we may need to go further south towards the Cape Verde Islands, we shall sea. Libertad is performing with consummate ease, taking everything in her stride. She seems to be on her element, crossing great oceans is just a walk in the park for her.

Just before dusk the cloud started to build and I thought we might be in for some squalls during the night, I turned on the radar but couldn’t see any rain, as it turned out dawn was slightly overcast with high Stratus cloud but no sign of the dark clouds from yesterday.

It was Bobs turn to cook dinner last night with roast chicken, roast potatoes fresh carrots and tined peas; it was very good despite having problems keeping the cooker alight.

We had sight of a couple or boats which we think were ARC yachts but too far away it identify however this morning we found a Norwegian flagged ARC yacht just 200 mtrs to starboard on the same course. Its ARC no 228 Tempest a Bavaria 36 from Norway. We will give him a call later.

We are running the generator and water maker for about four hours a day which is keeping pace with the consumption of both 12 volt electricity and fresh water, we all had showers to freshen up, it’s the little things that mean a lot.

To break up the the day the off watch crew are watching a movie after dinner, last night we had Shackletons great voyage in an open boat, to Elephant Island then to South Georgia, It made us feel very humble, 

That’s about all today will hand over to Bob to add his thoughts on the past twenty hours at sea.

Best wishes a love to all Paul.