Povoa de Varazim

Paul Huntley
Sat 16 Aug 2008 09:34
It'sSaturday morning , expecting  to sail at noon to Nazare about one hundred an fifteen miles to the south.We woke to torrential rain and strong winds from the south.Just like England but a bit warmer!
Jake and Nick spent yesterday in Porto looking at the sights while Tim and I spent the day doing minor repairs to the boat In the afternoon we walked to the town  which had a festival of rememberance for all those lost at sea. A procession of floats carried by six to eight men each, walked along the main promenade lined with thousands of people. One street had be been covered with a carpet of flowers over two hundred meters long.
The weather forecast has just arrived courtesy of John the skipper of Ula and seems to be improving , So sailing at midday is on,Our intentions are to sail today and overnight to Nazare with an e.t.a. of 0700 hrs tomorrow morning.Nick managed to replace his glasses in Porto yesterday so he can now see .Bob has booked his flight to Maderia for the 27th and we hope to be there to meet him for the last hop to Las Palmas Gran Canaria.Corrie has e-mailed to tell me that Phil's funeral is on Thursday 21st in Haywards Heath.I would like to be there but it is not possible, Our thoughts on Libertad will be with you all on such a sad day .I am sure the tributes from friends and family will reflect the sad loss to us all.
Best wishes to you all