Paul Huntley
Thu 26 Mar 2009 18:43
Hi all,
Well we arrived into Jolly Harbour  - Antigua yesterday and spent the afternoon listening to Dad shout profanities at the various pieces of malfunctioning equipment onboard Libertad.....However, today brings success  - Fridge 0, Dad 1.
It's been a few days since the last blog entry so i'll attempt an update...
We left Dominica and heading towards Les Saintes. After the run-down and dirty town of Portsmouth in Dominica, we had a pleasant surprise once ashore on Les Saintes. Lovely sheltered bay to anchor in, good dinghy dock (which after the Mustique fiasco we have learnt to appreciate) along with friendly Frenchies and cheapish beer - everyone was happy. After a spot of snorkelling we wandered around the town and searched out the best bars for cold drinks...surprise surprise. The next morning we headed ashore and hired 3 scooters to drive around the island. It was brilliant fun, we saw the sights of the island (and some huuuuuge iguanas) and made a nice change from sailing the seven seas. Dinner was scheduled onshore with the crew from Ula and we all celebrated John's 70th birthday in fine style - he did so too by falling asleep at the dinner table....tsch, what an old man.... he he!
Again, we said our farewells to Ula and her crew as they had only just arrived in Les Saintes and were scheduled to be there for a couple of days whilst we headed north. However, due to predicted 3.5 metre swells towards the end of the week they sneakily followed us up the west coast of Guadeloupe to Deshaies - pronounced 'Dey-Hey' for another anchorage. Customs and shopping complete it was DVD time which does still seem criminal in the Carribbean when there is a pink/red/grey sunset just off the back of the boat....but sometimes it's just called for! Dinner was rustled up by Dad and washed down with gallons of custard....yuck.
Yesterday we came across the channel between Guadeloupe and Antigua  - an 8 hour sail, arriving in Jolly Harbour mid afternoon. The crew of Libertad are slowly perfecting the art of sleeping whilst we are sailing, with Dad being reducedv to listening to Monserratt FM yesterday  - a full hour long broadcast from a local primary school's sports day - it was fairly entertaining stuff.
So we have found a piece of grass for Tim and Ewan to let off some steam with a frisbee, football and tennis ball, a perfectly white sandy beach, an amazing supermarket (compared to the Carribbean style of little to no stock...) a tennis court and squash court, so we are keeping entertained.
Heading off north on Monday I think after a Sunday night at Shirley Heights....
Sarah x