Fw: Oh so slow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Huntley
Wed 10 Dec 2008 12:13
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Subject: Fw: Oh so slow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Subject: Oh so slow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday 8th December 2008

Good afternoon to all or blog readers,

Well I am a little late today having just contorted myself (not a pretty site) in to the forepeak to repair /replace the salt water pump, but we leap ahead of ourselves, more of that exciting episode later!

The wind deserted us during the course of yesterday afternoon and has not returned, at present it is from the west, bang on the nose at 6:5 knts or less our, average is dropping like a stone. The days run to 12:00 noon today was just eighty miles.

We have had a very quiet time drifting along at 3/4 knts in bright sunshine wondering if we will get there before the food runs out. If it does we have all had a secret ballot as to whom we shall eat first. As skipper I am privy to the result but cannot disclose it as yet for fear of panic and mutiny, between you and me it's B-- but don’t tell him, only joking Lynne he's too tough!

As nothing much has happened during the last twenty four hours I thought it would be appropriate to mention all those that have sent their best wishes to Libertad and crew.

We have had regular contact with Lynne, Bobs partner once she had the correct address,Corrie,Tim,Sarah and Emily have been regular contributors from my family, James’s dad ,Dick ,Hi Dick, has contacted him from Melbourne ,Australia . His mum, Ellen, Yes Ellen we are looking after him, he's a credit to you and a valuable crew member, his brother Lee who is also in the U.K. Nick Pomfret has had messages from Pat Evans, and Jack Kelly ,who I believe is keeping Nicks parents up to speed with his travels. Dave (Needham) has had some great messages from Tracy and his children who have been tracking his progress at school with class mates, your dad doing great, we couldn’t do without him. Dave's family are soon to fly out the meet him in St Lucia for Christmas, lucky kids! I bet you can't wait to see him again. He sends loads of hugs and kisses.

We have also had messages from Nick and Ruth Pearman ,friends of mine who go back a long way, Nick crew on the Scottish leg of the around Britain on Libertad in 2002, Guy Emery, my sailing mentor, Lifeboat Mechanic and Paramedic from Eastbourne who is booked for the return trip on Libertad to the UK next year. Fiona Teague sister in law of James, Dave and Sue Thorpe an old sailing pal of mine who has many miles under his keel. Chris Cook, Star gazer, bee keeper, and sailing companion. Hi, Chris thanks for the ornithological tips. Jake Howell who valiantly crewed all the way from Eastbourne to Largos in Portugal, I Jake, landed a proper job yet? John and Jackie Richards who are sailing Ula, a Beneteau 47:5 to St Lucia with the ARC, get out the oars and start rowing ! Phil Agate who is a great friend of Bob's he has been updating the web site on a daily basis, thanks Phil. Sue Evans of Felton Marine, Sovereign Harbour. Hayley Beddows, Eastbourne Lifeboat crew, Mark Tiernan lock keeper at Sovereign Harbour,Julian Mandwall,a friend of Nicks.Carl and Maria friends of Dave, Captain John Banfield DLA of Eastboune Lifeboat ,my Ocean Yacht master instuctor,That's why were are lost.I know you did your best and finally I would like to thank the bride’s parents oops! Sorry getting carried away I must stop drinking sea water.

Now to today. Dave has the privilege of having the sea water pump under his bunk and reported a death rattle coming from below; yes it was terminal, so it has been replaced with a spare pump and now its working fine again.

So the wind is picking up, lunch is ready and we are under way again so will commit this to the ether, isn’t technology wonderful!

Love and Best wishes to you all Paul (Skipper of the good ship Libertad)