Libertad Jake's Blog 23rd July 2008 50 36.609N 002 27.456W

Paul Huntley
Wed 23 Jul 2008 10:22
Hi all, i decided, as it has been 4 days now to start my blogs up. For those who dont know me i am a friend of Sarahs from university, i have just graduated and decided to join paul on the first two legs of the trip to Las Palmas, and what a decision it has turned out to be! My only previous sailing experience was eastbourne to brighton and back on Libertad in 2006, so joining the crew was extremely exciting but a little daunting.
As paul has already mentioned the send off from eastbourne was really nice, although i felt a little pressure to look like I knew what was going on because of the press being there and all, think I pulled it off ok. The weather could not have been better when we left and it has held out up until now, lots of chilling out on the boat with a book in the sun, live the dream.
Coming into weymouth marina from the sea on monday was really exciting, there was a sailing regatta going and an RNLI excercise going on with one of the boats and a helicopter, really cool to see. There was also a naval warship anchored off our port side which we had seen earlier in the day in the solent, a nice touch. Got some good pictures so im going  to try to get some onto these blogs. (just realise i have the wrong cable so will try to get it sorted in dartmouth)
We spent the day in weymouth yesterday, had a chance to catch up with some washing and shopping. Headed down to the beach, Bob wanted to catch the Punch and Judy show but we didnt have time much to his dissapointment. I went off for a walk to the hothe fort, decided not to go in; the anti-aircraft cannon on the top looked impressive, but it wasn't enough to entice me in. Went to the amusements, for old times sake, and one loadsa money.......
Paul got his motorbike out of the hold and headed to the dentist in style after losing a filling to a nasty cadburies eclair, what a look i must say! (picture to come)
Sarah and her friend from work, came down for diner, we went to prezzo and all enjoyed Martins 70th birthday, which came with a free cake, extremely amusing!
So now we head off from Weymouth it's now 11o'clock, hope you enjoyed my blog, there will be more to come
Over and out