Lagos Potugal

Paul Huntley
Tue 26 Aug 2008 10:08

37:06.64N008:40.53W Lagos ,Portugal

Well I am back onboard Libertad .We departed Baleeria at 09:30 for Lagos on Monday morning. The wind was still blowing 20 kts at times but quieter than it had been. Seeking the lee of the coast we motored the 12 miles to Lagos and berthed on the fuel pontoon to top up the tanks. We will now leave the boat in Lagos until late October, I have been told by the hospital not to do anything energetic for at least a couple of weeks. That seems to exclude sailing to Las Palmas for the present. Bob has just called to say he has had his cast off his wrist he thought it would be fine to join the boat directly but the doctor advised him that it would be six weeks before he had full use back. He said it felt as weak as .... So perhaps these things are pre ordained, who knows? I will be joining Corrie and Emily in Denia for a couple of weeks R&R and returning to the UK as planed on the 15th September. Bob and Lyne have decided to come and spend some time on the boat in Lagos in October, Nick and Jake will be leaving the boat today or tomorrow making their way overland to Lisbon, Madrid and Paris to home. This will be the last blog for a while, what an eventful trip this has been!! Watch this space when we set sail again in October or November.

The bruise and battered but determined Paul.