Dave's blog

Paul Huntley
Thu 27 Nov 2008 11:36


We are having a fantastic time onboard, spirits are high. We are around 200 miles off the African coast heading towards Cape Verde where we will hang a right and head for the Caribbean on the Atlantic trade winds.

We had very little wind over the previous 24 hrs, 3 to 8 knots, reducing our boat speed but it was comforting to hear on our 1200hrs position report that a large proportion of the fleet are still reasonably close by, however out of sight.

Paul put up the bimini yesterday to circulate a refreshing cool breeze around the cockpit and give us some shade from the scorching sun.  Have been trying to catch some more fish to eat but have been unsuccessful so far.

We have been followed by a Norwegian yacht all night which has just passed us on or starboard side this morning, we had a conversation on the vhf and all is well.

The wind is starting to increase slightly giving us a better boat speed which is nice but the swell has increased causing us to roll around but we are not complaining because the sun is out and we are taking it all in.