All alone

Paul Huntley
Tue 25 Nov 2008 11:01

25:50.31N 17:54.22W

Good morning to all our blog watchers. Its 09:30 on Tues 25th November 2008.The weather is fine with smooth seas and a blue sky, the temperature climbing to a maximum according to the weather forecast of 28 degrees c.

Yesterday we ran the generator for a total of four hours charging the batteries and making fresh water for the tanks.The wind has reduced from a 4/5 north easterly to less than a force 2 at times overnight, our average speed has dropped from 6.2 knots to 4.9 knots with a total distance run since departure of 226 nm.

We are running on twin poled out Genoas and no main. Sorry, we have a breaking story as they say on Sky news, I had to dash off, Bob had caught a fish a (yellow tail) jumped off the hook just a we were about to net it! It was only a pound or two, honest, he will tell you more in his blog later but mine is the true version! He’s trying with renewed vigour now. Bless, could be fish for lunch,

We reluctantly started the engine at 09:30 as the wind has deserted us; we are now heading south towards the Cape Verde islands on a course of 230 degrees m .with 2500 to run to St Lucia on the rhum line. My intention with the present forecast is to continue south to lat 20 degrees in the hope we pick up the easterly trade winds which blow at 15 to 25 knots, that’s the plan we will see how it turns out.

Yesterday we (James) found the problem with the main engine alternator; a regulator cable had come loose. Thanks Guy you must have sent us there telepathically, once reconnected all is now working well.

The winches (9) are now being used on a regular basis and we are finding the pawls are sticking, this requires a full strip down and clean before reassembling which is easy in port on a stable boat but all together a different ball game at sea. The combination of salt and grease seems to make something akin to Areldite!

With the engine running we are making hot fresh water, so I have promised the crew a hot shower later in the day. Now that we have cleared most of the fleet we are finding ourselves all alone on this big ocean and we are able to reduce our watch system to one on watch at night for two hours, thus giving each person eight hours between watches. The balance between sleep and work is very important and you must do both when conditions allow.

We have all had breakfast of bacon an egg butty followed by tea, feel set for the day.

All the crew are enjoying the passage and in particular the night watch sky, last night we saw many shooting stars, the flash lights up the sky for a mille second. The food is excellent, last night Nick cooked up a Green Thai chicken curry with Basmati rice followed by fresh fruit.

Well, I had better go and do some work before I am accused of slacking, Dave has just washed up after breakfast, I think it should have been me, thanks Dave. The entire crew send their love to families and loved one and best wishes to all our friends. We will all return with a different perspective on life of that I am sure.

Love and best wishes Paul