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Date: 12 Dec 2014 19:46:58
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 18

13:20:3N 056:19:4W
Singing in the Rain
Squall after squall during the night and all day so far. Can’t complain; this morning is the first with no sun, but still 29 degrees and humid. We were soaked through during our night watches. At least it was fresh water!
Denis and Bill attempted to wash themselves, but again were caught fully lathered up and needing to wash off, but no more rain. Strong winds mean fast sailing, so with luck we are expecting a good mileage today.
As we are nearing the end of passage, I have decided that Skipper Reports will be issued for all:
Captain’s Comments
Denis is thoroughly trustworthy and reliable, in fact as a sailing companion of several months, I couldn’t have asked for a better chap, good company and a sense of humour which is infectious, even if I don’t always catch on straight away. Someone I know will watch my back and keep us safe.
A time-tabling issue has arisen though, as Denis still insists that everyday is Saturday.
Personal and Social
Denis enjoys the other crew’s company, especially correcting their errors.
Denis has great expertise in this area and being the Old Man of the Sea / OAP, crew often seek his advice with their nasty personal problems, such as unravelling cling film or personal hygiene issues.
Denis enjoys nothing better than rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck into the cleaning. He does however, lack creativity in the galley, relying too heavily on old favourites for which we do not have the ingredients. He has taken to getting instruction from Knot Bill who knows his onions!
Denis is a delight to have on board. I wish him well for the future on land and sea. He would be an asset to any crew.
Captain’s Comments
Stuart is particularly gifted with words, however it has come to my notice that he has studiously avoided reading any written text during this voyage. He claims sea sickness will result, but I fear he may be shirking this essential area.
Personal and Social
Stuart came with two days of clothes to wear. Obviously his mother didn’t check before he left. He was therefore, the first to attempt saltwater washing, and the subsequent  damp itchy feeling when things are not rinsed adequately. Stuart is our most chatty member of the crew, we do worry where the personal information he has weedled out of us will re-surface.
Stuart has come on leaps and bounds in this area. He finds the sailing technical terms difficult to remember. I recommend that during the holidays he revise ‘abaft and abeam.’ He now seems to have mastered port.
Stuart shines as a beacon of culinary excellence. He is creative and never ceases to amaze, often making a silk purse from a sows ear / turning a tin of ham into something enticing and delicious.
Stuart is an amazing friend, travelling miles to put himself way out of his comfort zone. Suffering seasickness, difficult conditions, my jokes without and bad singing, without being able to escape for three weeks. We have all enjoyed his diplomatic approach to our discussions and appreciate him being part of the crew. I wish him well in the future both on land and sea. We will miss him next term!
More reports tomorrow.
Miles to go: 319nm
Miles covered in the last 24 hours: 130nm

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