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Date: 23 May 2016 09:39:09
Title: Angra, Terceira. Azores

38:39:1N 027:13:0W

We motor sailed from Sao Jorge, leaving before light at 0550. The town lights twinkled in a sodium orange glow, almost waving us goodbye. A fifteen mile sail east down the coast then the wind was mostly from ahead, we motor sailed into it making about seven knots.

Angra is a gorgeous place, old buildings, lots of history and friendly people. It is amazingly cheap too. We have toured the island, seen bull running in the streets, a Holy Spirt Celebration, walked into a volcano and sampled the delicious local cuisine.

Currently the weather is not great. Strong winds are forecast for the next few days. So we are sitting tight waiting for the weather to blow through, before moving on to Sao Miguel.

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