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Date: 17 Jan 2016 14:01:26
Title: St Helena Next

21:52:8S 001:05:2E
The Trade Wind Blows
It blows, but not very hard at the moment. We are still hoping to arrive on Thursday, but the forecast is showing increasingly light winds. We are sailing with three sails today, the main, genoa and ghoster, we are making about 5.5-6 knots, if we continue at this pace, it will be lunchtime Thursday for our arrival. The World Arc should be arriving there today and departing on Wednesday, just in time to release the mooring buoys for us.
James Town
There is a water taxi in operation, but I’m not sure if they run after 6pm. Otherwise, the pilot describes a rather painful, “Carrying the dinghy up the steps from the bay!”
Theo Takes his First Watch
Theo, just a novice sailor at the beginning of this passage, now has, after only a few days experience, got his own watch. We all do a three hours watch:
0200 Theo        1400 Theo
0500 Denis       1700 Denis
0800 Gary        2000 Gary
1100 Steve       2300 Steve
There is enough time to sleep and do a duty and still relax. Duties consist of Safety Check, making lunch (our main meal), making tea (just a sandwich) and cleaning. We rotate these so everyone does one duty a day. Any maintenance is done as needed.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 133 miles
Miles to St Helena: 610 miles

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