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Date: 04 May 2015 20:21:07
Title: Galapagos to The Marquesas

08:25:7S 135:54:1W
Monday 5th April 2015
The light winds over night and being able to pole out the genoa for down wind sailing has all helped prolong the life of our two port lower shrouds. No significant deterioration has been noted over night. We anticipate making land fall Wednesday early morning, 230 miles still to go. We are now making for Nuku Hiva, the capital of The Marquesas. A population of one thousand eight hundred, so not a large place. We hope to be able to organise replacement of all the lower shrouds – the existing ones are only three years old, but I suppose we have now covered a few miles together.
End of Passage Report – Steve Litson (Captain) – Written by David and Ken
Steve has guided us across the Pacific displaying calm leadership and good humour despite the trials of successive minor equipment failures, a stark reminder of distance of the passage and the wear on a boat (but not the captain).
Organisation:  A head-masterly grip of tasks and routines communicated through blackboard and chalk (of course!).
Special Skills:  Masterly bread baker and pastry cook.  A appreciator of good real coffee and fine whisky, Steve brings a touch of class to a sailor’s vices.  A master of the rolling hitch, as tested under the extreme conditions of a shroud needing reinforcement.
Most improved skill:  Guitar playing and song writing. (Even sleeps with his guitar)
Special Attributes: A conservationist par excellence, as exhibited by his economy with water, electricity and respect for wildlife by never harming a fish.
Overall:  Good humour and competent leadership. Ability to listen to the ideas and opinions of others while not shirking the responsibility of a skipper in making decisions. Apart from his own luxurious Captains Quarters, maintains equanimity with the crew and does an equal share of all on-board tasks.
Miles travelled in last 24hrs: 131miles

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