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Date: 06 Feb 2015 01:48:02
Title: Mayreau

12:38:1N 061:23:8W

Saline Bay, Mayreau

I should say that Denis' meal was superb last night. I must encourage him to cook more often. He is certainly most capable.

Had to have one more swim with. After breakfast, water maker on for two hours. Then in the water. I actually touched one as it was feeding, awesome experience. I had a text from David saying he would be in Saline Bay, Mayreau this evening. So we set sail around the Tobago Cays and off to Mayreau. We arrived just before lunch.

Visited the local primary school and walked the island. A beautiful place but so little there, all the inhabitants want to run restaurants it seems nearly everyone has transformed their ground floor into a restaurant. We ate in Dennis' Hideaway, I had creole conch and Denis had sautéed conch...v.tastey.

David had said he would call me in his text, so I kept waiting. As it got dark I realised that a charter boat would be unlikely to make the five mile trip. I tried calling, radioing even texting, but without any luck. Not sure what else to do. We are moving on tomorrow and I not sure where he is. A real shame as it would have been good to meet when we are so close.

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