Tuesday 3rd - Slow and ? steady

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Tue 3 May 2022 12:59
33:48.1N 60:39.6W
All good out on the ocean as we make slow and sometimes unsteady progress in the right direction. The breeze held up until yesterday evening when it died in the high pressure. We used the engine for about 6 hours overnight, but need to be careful with fuel at this early stage. We have just set up a goosewing rig with the genoa poled out which is getting us about 4.5 kts in 9kts wind so nae too bad...........though Louise is getting a bit wet with some drizzle!
Ollie is now doing his own watches so we are in a 3 on, 6 off rota so can catch up on some sleep and help clear the covid coughs away , so we are all good.
We have had a few of the long tailed Bermudan birds coming to say hi , and a big fish – ?? tuna – just did a very flashy leap quite close to us and the surface of the water is covered with Portugese men of war so not a good swimming spot. No yachts or merchant shipping, very quiet.
Not sure if the GPS tracker is working, so no need for alarm if we have disappeared on that system. We are still here – and will hopefully make Horta before April 2023 which was one of the plotter's predictions last night!