Onwards to the west

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Sun 5 Dec 2021 15:48
16:56N 46:04W
We trundle on westwards, encouraged by the miles clicking down nicely since we passed the 1000 milestone and that we have now lost ELLA well astern off our plotter, but frustrated that the Irish are creeping ahead. We have been exchanging some good banter on e mail, with them claiming to be weighed down by fuel which we are certain is not the case!
The seas remain quite heavy and the motion uncomfortable, though we are accustomed to it now and not really expecting any change. An arrival next weekend seems very probable, with Saturday achievable which is starting to feel a nice prospect.
I have been feeling guilty at having done only one plankton filter session so far - with nothing found as far as I could tell- but the motion and the long hours on the helm is not conducive to doing anything additional to the survival needs of eating, sleeping, bits of maintenance etc, as well as grappling with IT hassles to send and receive e mails.