Full mainsail at last!

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Thu 9 Dec 2021 17:55
14:39N 57:00W

The weather has been much kinder today- more the conditions we had been expecting throughout the crossing- and we have been able to have the full mainsail hoisted today for the first time since 27 November. The only snag is that now we can see the whole sail, we can see there is a small cut in it low down by the aft end of the boom, probably caused by a reefing line chafing. Not an immediate problem, one for the list in St Lucia.
We are lucky to have the moon back to give us some light until about midnight, in fact it feels like the ocean is trying hard to leave us with nice impressions from our last couple of days.
We look forward to seeing assorted family in coming days - James’ fiancé Rachel should be there when we get alongside, with Graham’s daughter Catharine and her fiancé George coming at weekend …..followed by my gang closer to Christmas.
In case I forget tomorrow, I’d like to say a big thank you to Bilal for the shore support which was invaluable during the first week when e mail was down (it is still flaky and very time consuming!), great work thanks Bilal.
It looks like we should get across the finishing line at 0600 ish local time Saturday and then alongside an hour or two later, but don’t hold us to that as winds etc can change….you can probably get a good idea from Yellow Brick, though I don’t know how often it updates these days.