Well over half way

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Sun 10 Apr 2022 11:30
25:58.2N 64:28.9W
We are nicely over half way in terms of distance, we will see in terms of time depending on how a front and some northerly winds, followed by an anticyclone, affect us over the next few days but we are making good progress. Speed has dropped to 6 ish overnight as the wind has been more astern. We dropped the main before sunset last night and are running under a full genoa only in order to get a better angle on the wind, without the hassle of flapping genoa or poling it out....so happy cruising!
The two events of note from yesterday;
- a large lump of weed got caught in the fishing gear, causing the rod reel to snap and the mounting bracket on the stern to swivel......but the line held fine and it took a while to haul it back in. Still no fish caught but we blame our high speeds!
- our supper was a casualty of Raven taking a spin in a wave, causing Mark’s nicely smelling creation of bean chilly to go flying! A plan B menu was soon on the go and we did not starve however.
Otherwise it is all steady sailing as we enter the Bermuda triangle .