A varied last 24 hours

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Tue 12 Apr 2022 17:23
30:01.7N 63:47.5W
We are now sailing close hauled on stbd tack with full sails on a lovely blue sky sunny day, climbing up the long  swell and down the other side. It makes a pleasant change to yesterday and overnight when we had 3 reefs in, uncomfortable motion , spray over the deck etc.
The varied activities have included having to resecure the anchor which came out of the hawse. In the course of doing this on a pitching foredeck my lifejacket was activated by a wave, also triggering the PLB alarm so it was good to see that the activation device ( bits of string !) worked automatically and that the alarm registered correctly on our cockpit instruments. We have also had to deal with a heads pumping problems and a succession of issues with the Raymarine instruments and also the autopilot. All are now mostly working even if we/Bilal are not quite sure of the cause or whether the fix really was a fix!
We have not seen a single other yacht since leaving BVIs and only about 4 merchant ships and 3 birds, so an empty bit of ocean.
We are now pointing directly at Bermuda which is about 145 miles away, arrival time will depend how long the wind holds and how much we use the engine but we expect to get there Wednesday afternoon/evening.