We have wind …..and limited comms

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Wed 24 Nov 2021 14:27
24:36.2N 18:52.2W
Hopefully this message will get to the Blog?! We have been doing a lot of IT faffing to try and reestablish contact , so far can transmit only! The system worked fine on the way down from UK but seems to have lost it during the long break in Canaries!
We have been able to get weather forecasts from some other yachts in VHF range though as we get more and more dispersed that will be less possible.
Meanwhile the wind has got going better and today is the first day of real sailing. Betty had an outing yesterday then we were goosewinged this morning, pole is now stowed again.
Food has been working out really well, excellent veg curry from James on Monday and Graham did star turn with bangers and mash last night. No fish yet but we haven’t tried too hard either as we settle down into the watch routine.