RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Sat 4 Dec 2021 14:30
17:22N 43:06W
Hastings passed earlier - not as in Ted Hastings of LoD, but as in Battle of with 1066 miles to go - has now been passed and our ignorance of significant dates earlier than 1066 is beginning to show. James has just finished reading a book “the Shortest History of England “ but it unfortunately does not have a glossary of dates.
We press on to the west, winds slightly lighter but seas still too big for us to have confidence in Marie Antoinette or auto helm, especially as we are on the limits of the sail angles, so we continue to hand steer virtually all the time.
Pleased to have overtaken ELLA who remains on our AIS and keen to get back ahead of the Irish in VIENTE with whom we have a little challenge as we met their crew in Las Palmas through an amazing coincidence of my cousin Rod in Waterford introducing me to one of their guys while Graham knew one of the others. They are a crew of 6 in all and we expect them to have a big time penalty for motoring a lot in the first few days.
Our other news is that everybody washed today for the first time in ages as it was a bit calmer - making it easier to fill the bucket of sea water without losing it!