Farewell to Leg 2 crew

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Mon 11 Oct 2021 17:21
I have many more incriminating photos of them, but I am already on notice from Lucie (a software developer) that the blog will receive multiple virus attacks, all reader devices will be taken out and Raven’s plotter, which is already prone to random minor glitches, will be permanently disabled ….so I will restrict it to this gelateria scene in Arrieta on their last evening.

We had a great fortnight sailing, they cooked more homemade desserts than I have ever seen on Raven, we visited islands I hadn’t heard of a few weeks ago and we got to the finish point on schedule with boat and crew in one piece (even if the tricolour was signalling to aliens) , so job done!
Many thanks Bilal and Lucie and see you somewhere in April for your next leg.

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