Can one eat too many bananas?

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Thu 2 Dec 2021 17:07
18:04N 38:08W
The inevitable has happened! Simultaneous ripening of multiple bananas has led to a strong aroma onboard and the need for us to gobble them down as fast as they blacken. What will happen to us with the resultant excess of potassium or whatever they contain?
Time will tell …..meanwhile we pootle on westwards. After a dump of water down the companionway this morning from a rogue wave in strengthening winds, we went back to reef 3 for a while and have eased back to one reef during the day. We are still not using the genoa until we can sort the furling gear in calmer weather, which at this rate will be in StLucia. We are also still hand steering all the time due the strong waves, so watches are a bit knackering.
Bread making has been on hold due our unpleasant rolling motion, fortunately we have a good supply of tortilla wraps and are not starving by any means. Water is going well, we are still on our first of two tanks….though we are quite possibly a bit smelly as a seawater bucket wash hasn’t been a safe option for some days now.
Our e mail system remains very temperamental, so it would be appreciated if e mails are not sent to us. Please use SMS type e mail system for any short messages as the handset is at least reliable.