We had a stowaway

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Sun 29 May 2022 11:21
45:01N 19:17.5W
I tried to upload some photos in san earlier update.....which I don’t think sent properly ....of Pedro, our visitor yesterday. A rather round fluffy brown and white bird who did not look designed to be on the ocean, but he managed the deck landing well and was very at home with us for a few hours. He liked oatcakes, in fact he ate 3 !!
His visit was the main excitement yesterday and overnight, otherwise it has been steady if not spectacular progress through damp greyness, with an irritating alternation between not enough wind, so the engine on, or easterly winds which seem set for the next few days and may well be a hassle in terms of the course we can steer.
Otherwise all good, the leaks are not getting any worse, the instruments are working and we haven’t wrecked another genoa furling line, so can’t be bad!
A couple of other announcements;
  • congratulations to Simon on a new PB of 4 nights at sea. I won’t repeat the congrats every day that he smashes it!
  • we all wish Allan’s children Suzannah and William very happy birthdays today and tomorrow. I am sure that Allan has some wonderful presents arranged, though he didn't ask me to say that bit
  • finally, Marie Antoinette is going very well and says hi to all past crew