Getting into the routine

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Sat 27 Nov 2021 12:45
21:25N 24:10W
After 6 nights at sea, it feels like we are settling nicely into ocean passage routine. We have adjusted to the sleep patterns and getting on with the other job routines- cleaning, engine and rigging checks etc. James made yummy pancakes for our breakfast today, but the heat of the stove destroyed his appetite and he didn’t actually eat any himself. Graham has been busy kneading his dough, this will be our first fresh bread do we look forward to lunch. After being distracted by e mail hassles, I am now resigned to us being transmit only and getting forecasts via the Bilal meteorological bureau or the occasional passing yacht. We haven’t seen any ARC boats for days but have been passed by a couple of larger yachts on individual passage to Caribbean and have a chat with them on VHF.
Some veggies outside the fridge are going a bit manky so we are switching stowages and experimenting with the vacuum sealer to keep the blackened carrots alive!
Marie Antoinette is happy today after we upset her yesterday with a poor sail balance, now goose winged again and heading WSW ish at a decent 6 and bit knots.
Good to hear our ranking in division is pretty good though all a bit meaningless until all the adjustments are made at the end.