Farewell Madeira

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Sun 3 Oct 2021 22:19
We leave in the morning after a good few days in Madeira, we could do with another day or 3 really as we never made it to Funchal, partly because it is 30km away but more because we were enjoying getting up in the hills and hiking, both the steep rugged hills of yesterday and also some more gentle walks along the levada irrigation channels. The hire car served us well even if it did struggle up the steep hills and rarely got above second gear! We do have a bottle of Madeira onboard, alongside the bottle of port ( which you might be surprised to hear has not been finished since being kindly given to me by the crew in Porto).
Certainly a place worth a visit again.
Next stop is the uninhabited Selvagem (Savage!) Islands. We have a permit to anchor by Selvagem Grande for a couple of days, it is a protected national park and there are some wardens ashore who will hopefully give us a tour.
We should make Lanzarote on Friday.