Getting closer

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Mon 6 Jun 2022 18:23
49:12N 9:24W
A bit of a frustrating day with  easterly winds, grey drizzly dampness, and further engine stoppages due the diesel bug that has taken over our fuel tank and takes time to clear.
Despite this we are getting slowly but surely ever closer to Cornwall and then Devon. The snacks cupboard is holding out well, oatcake supplies are more than adequate (fortunately Allan and Simon are not great fans!) and the wind is due to turn westerly overnight.
Crew have been very flexible with watch routines while I have been tinkering  with fuel tanks and pipes during the day and as I type this Simon is busy prepping a stir fry with some of our final bits of fresh food so we are not on your emergency rations yet Louise, but many thanks for the Cliff bars which continue to go down well!