Under 100 miles to go

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Fri 10 Dec 2021 15:04

14:18.5N 59:21W
Under 100 miles to go and right on cue the wind has dropped a few knots more than we would like!
We passed TAMANACO in the night and hope to be able to do the same with FREEDOM before the finish line, but no sign of them on AIS as yet, possibly because they have done the same sneaky trick as us and switched their transmitter off!
We have hoisted the St Lucia courtesy flag , have tested that the heads holding tank is working, the beers are in the fridge - believe it or not, no booze on the whole crossing! - so we are all set and just need the wind to keep blowing steadily and a bit stronger!