On passage Selvagem Grande to Lanzarote

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Wed 6 Oct 2021 17:35
30:03.3N 15:45.3W
We left the island late afternoon after a good walk ashore there this morning with the park wardens (having been checked in by the marine policeman first} and their dog – called Selvagem of course. A bit strange to go for a walk on an uninhabited island wearing facemasks but understandably the wardens have to follow procedures and we were lucky to have the place to ourselves though 2 other yachts came in late morning.  Pictures to follow tomorrow when we should have 4G signal off Lanzarote, but it was a pretty atmospheric rocky island with steep sides leading up to a high plateau. We were not there at the best time for bird spotting but there were loads of Cory Shearwater chicks being reared in the rocky hollows getting their strength up to fly off to South America before returning to breed in 6 years. The incredible life of birds.
We have a lovely evening, 12 kts wind on port beam cruising along nicely on last  night at sea for a few weeks.