Leaving Virgin Gorda

RAVEN - Atlantic Circuit 2021-22
Richard Foulkes
Thu 7 Apr 2022 14:56
18:27.253N 64:26.366W
After a calm night we shifted anchorage earlier this morning to Spanish Town and went ashore in the dinghy to clear customs and immigration. All went pretty smoothly, though quite why they bother with an admin charge of 75 cents is a mystery!
Returning back to RAVEN, we practiced hoisting the storm sails……so hopefully they can stay firmly in their bags now! ……and got Marie Antoinette self steering rigged, so will be on our way soon.
Hopefully I have sorted the problem with the e mail via satellite, so will be able to update blog on a daily basis, but expect to get to Bermuda on about Friday 15th .

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