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Date: 06 May 2010 05:39:00
Title: Paradise

Thursday 6th May
The anchorage at the village in Tikehau became so rough that you only stepped into the dinghy if it was absolutely necessary. We were booked in for dinner at a Pension so it was essential that we went ashore but had we not have booked anywhere we would not have stepped foot off the boat. Earlier in the day when we first experienced how rough it was we were thrown all over the place, we had waves breaking over us and continuous splashes from the sides and front. So we had to take drastic action when we went out for dinner - I went out with my underwear on and covered up with pauls hooded anorak, Amy wore underwear with a sarong and Chrissy and Bev wore bikinis and we all got changed on the beach behind a tree, what an experience!
The meal was lovely, we had a raw fish salad to start followed by Mahi Mahi in a garlicy sauce with broccoli, cabbage and sticky rice with a crepe to finish it all off. In between serving us we had a very comical gentlemen playing his guitar and singing to us through the meal which was very nice.
They even provided transport back to the dock for us otherwise it would be a walk along the beach so we welcomed that. However, when arriving back at the dock it was a hive of activity as they were still unloading the supply ship that had arrived earlier in the day, so as we hadn't walked along the beach everyone had to get changed in floodlights with lots of observers! It was so rough we'd even taken our lifejackets for the return journey. Amy kept her pretty dress on, donned her lifejacket and then proceeded to walk us out as we were in the shallows, this then resulted in a lot of screaming as she was walking over sea cucumbers - quite a picture!
We upped anchor first thing in the morning and headed for another anchorage in the atoll, one that would be more sheltered. We probably only travelled a mile to get there but when we arrived it was as if we were in another atoll, the scenery was absolutely stunning! The waters here are meant to be the bluest you'll find in the whole of French Polynesia and I'd believe it, it's just beautiful - and a lot calmer!
We set off exploring in the afternoon and tied up to a little building out in the water on stilts so that we could snorkel. It was very shallow but there was lots going on, including lots and lots of black tip reef sharks. Now I know they aren't going to harm us but there it is quite scary when you are in just a few of feet of water with sharks swimming all around you, it's quite un-nerving!
We are anchored next to the luxury Pearl Beach Resort so after snorkelling we headed to the hotel to explore further and of course this resulted in having a sundowner. We'd tried to book in for dinner tonight but they couldn't accomodate 7 of us. The hotel probably wasn't anywhere near half full but they must only have a certain amount of food and obviously they can't feed people who just turn up.
It was a late night on board Jackamy so today has been spent relaxing and there hasn't much activity throughout the rest of the anchorage!

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