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Date: 07 Mar 2010 16:54:00
Title: Las Perlas to Galapagos - Day 4

Sunday 7th March
We still have wind!!!!! Would you believe it, after all the advice we were given we still have wind. We've filled up the bladder because we were told we'd have no wind after 48 hours into the trip and it has caused us nothing but hassle. The bladder was bought with this trip in mind as we were told we needed to carry enough fuel to motor the whole journey. As the bladder is only just hanging on at the bow we're going to use up all the fuel and the thing shall never be used again!
Late evening yesterday we had 5 red footed boobies flying with us. At first we thought they were fishing around the boat but we soon realised they were actually flying along with the boat. They stayed with us all through the night which was lovely, another thing to brighten up the watches. Paul wasn't too happy in the morning though when he surveyed the damage they had caused - the boat was covered in bird poo! He also found 5 squid on the deck which made a change from the flying fish.
We're still zipping along. Blue Magic have pulled away from us now though so although they aren't far away they are out of sight and we're sailing alone. Not long left to go though, we should be in sometime tomoroow fingers crossed!

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