41 RAPA NUI - EASTER ISLAND, CHILE, SCIP (part 1) - 11/ 16.4.2009

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Sat 11 Apr 2009 11:29

41 RAPA NUI - EASTER ISLAND, CHILE, SCIP (part 1) - 11/ 16.4.2009


"27:09.9S 109:25.6.W"

No other place has sparked man's imagination as much as Easter Island.
The gigantic monoliths of "Rapa Nui" have so far posed more questions
than any other human creation.

Easter Island is commonly called "Rapa Nui", a Polynesian name that does not have
its origin in the island itself.
The island was given this name in the 19th century by Tahitian seamen, who linked
it the island of Rapa and, situated south of the Polynesian archipelago, and added "Nui",
which means large.
Both islands have similar cool, windy climate and an abundance of pastures.

Just by pure coincidence, we spent a few indeed very nice and interesting days during
Easter at Easter Island...............

Currently, Easter Island, the most distant location on earth from any continent and lies
about 15.5 hours pure flight time in our Comanche from the noisy streets of Santiago
on the Chilean mainland or from Tahiti’s coconut groves.

During our stay on the island here, we are checking daily the weather developments
on the internet for our next leg east.
Actually the conditions for our flight to Robinson Crusoe Island, 1618 Nautical Miles
east, with take off at 0600 UTC (midnight local time) on the 17th of April look favorable for our 11 to 12 hour flight.


Easter Island ( 24 Km long on the Eastern side and 17 Km wide)


TAHA   Archeological complex with 3 restored temples


One of the well preserved Mohai's


RANO KAU The gigantic circular crater is most impressing

HANGA ROA the main town on the island with the apron of the airport and lonely
HB-PON on the extreme right hind part of the parking area.