18. ADELAIDE, YPPF, (Australia) - 16.07.08 - 398NM - 2:50

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Wed 16 Jul 2008 16:38

"34:47.7S 138:37.9E”

Coober Pedy YCBP to Adelaide YPPF

The weather for our today’s leg to Adelaide was forecasted good; this after a week
with lots of wind and rain in this part of Southern Australia.

For a change, we had a strong tailwind component of 15 to 25 Knots all the way and
flew again over wide stretches of desert with virtually no vegetation and no civilization.
En route we could make out Lake Ayre on the horizon and we flew right over the
Olympic Dam, Woama and Whyala heading due south.

The air Traffic Controllers vectored us first directly into the active runway at Adelaide
International Airport and only after making it very clear, that our destination airport
was Archer Field, we were then again given vectors to the other side of town to our
destination. Once closer to the airport, the tower announced, that we were Nr 5 in
the circuit and we then landed safely, much earlier than expected.

Wow, we noticed that it was really winter and cold in this place as we disembarked our

The security at the airport was up to standard as we arrived and we could not easily
get into the tower building.

Using Manfred’s mobile phone on the apron, he finally contacted the appropriate
security people and the mechanical door opened for us and we could get through
to the public area.

What would one do these days without our mobile telephones?

Manfred  & Laurence our generous guest in cold winterish Adelaide

Laurence our host in Adelaide drove us to his lovely home, just outside Adelaide
and assigned us our living quarters. Rolf got the guest room and Manfred got the
lovely and heated caravan in the garage……

After we settled a bit and after a refreshing shower, we had dinner at the nearby
Football club.

At this stage of our long voyage, Manfred and I were rather tired and we really
needed this planned 3 day R&R rest.

Yesterday Thursday the 17^th of July, Laurence showed us around Adelaide
and in the afternoon we watched the English Golf Tournament on TV and a
Video Manfred purchased in Bali.

Today Friday, we catch up with the entire backlog on our daily logs, prepare f
or our flight to Denniliquin tomorrow Saturday morning and the ICS welcome party

Next will be short stop at Manfred’s home in Sydney and from there up north to
Brisbane, where the first stage of our Round the World Trip will come to an end.

Rolf has already booked his flight home to Geneva Switzerland via Singapore
and Amsterdam on the 24th of July.