11. SELETAR, WSSL, (Singapore) -3.07.08 - 521NM - 4:15

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Thu 3 Jul 2008 15:15

"01:25.0N 103:52.2E"

Phuket VTSP to Singapore WSSL





Relaxing 3 days at the island of Phuket at the airpark passed all to

quickly, the longest break so far, with Note, Lam Yai and their son Mig,

and the last day with Robert Suchard, the owner and host, we needed to

move on south.

This break was very much needed by us two, after all the long hours of


The people at the airpark were perfect hosts and spoiled us in any way

they could during our stay there.

Robert Suchard a Thai – German the owner is quite a character, perfect

host. We had a really good time at Phuket. We were taken around the

island, dined out, shown through the airpark and Robert’s other

interests, like his new hotel under construction in the vicinity of

Patong beach.


We finally got away on Wednesday the 3rd of July just before noon.


After going through all the paperwork, and had to catch up on the no

paperwork when we arrive, we had to pay extra parking for an extra day’s

stay at the Island.




Robert and Rolf at the Flight office


The weather forecast was rather good for our destination Singapore. Our

plan was for the GA airport Seletar WSSL, just north of the major

International Singapore airport Changi, and just over the border from





Robert's airpark at Phuket as we flew past



The flight started out first in perfect weather conditions, but as the

afternoon wore on and closer to Singapore, our storm scope showed an

increasing number of thunderstorms ahead on our route.




Approaching Singapore


The first class air traffic controllers diverted us around the large

build ups, and radar vectored us perfectly across the Malaysian border

into Seletar airport.


We landed safely and contacted the people at Hawker Pacific for the next

days planned 50 hour service on our Comanche. We had some fun, thinking

that we could just taxi across the field to the eastern side, but apron

control put us right on the spot, as we first had to clear customs and

immigration, before we could undertake anything. After quite some

problems finding the air terminal we finished the arrival formalities

and were met by Antu Finan, a Tongan national and director of

Maintenance at Hawker Pacific corporation.




Maintenance work at Hawker Pacific


After arranging the details of the needed maintenance, we took a
taxi to downtown Singapore and our hotel the Pan Pacific, a first
class hotel. We spent the evening in downtown at the waterfront
of the channel with a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant and watched
the busy happenings around there, and went to bed rather early thereafter.


The following day we cached up with our paperwork and then went

shopping. Rolf was interested in computers, while Manfred went hunting

for spare batteries for his new camera.