62. Epilog

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Wed 15 Jul 2009 17:16


Cruising at Fight Level 110 up the Rhone Valley, the chain of the Alps becomes gradually
visible to our right in the late afternoon sun, and finally we can make out the shape of Lake
Geneva in between clouds.

A number of airliners are lined up, and are descending on the ILS 23 to Geneva airport,
as the Air Traffic Controller provides us instructions to descend, and gives Radar vectors
to cross above the centerline of the Localizer.

Our Skyguide finally guides us right overhead of our final destination La Côte Airfield.

Our last landing on this short grass strip is indeed very smooth, and is probably the very
best of all, on our long Round the World Flight.

We get out of our confined cockpit, wave, and shake many hands with friends, which
are awaiting us.

Since the start of our adventure on the 19th of June in 2008, we covered the 4 distinct
stages of our round the World journey.
We spent 17 weeks away from home, covered a total distance of 32’600 Nautical
Miles (60’375 KM) in 223 flying hours, spent time in countless countries and on
Islands, and visited all 6 Continents.

As usual, our aircraft Piper Comanche 260C “HB-PON”, performed extremely well
and reliable all the way, and its newly overhauled Engine never missed a single beat!

Often we have been perspiring; stressed-, freezing-, laughing..........

We both had our moments, but have been good colleagues and friends.

Constantly we were admiring what we saw-, what we experienced, and much
enjoyed  the time with all the people, we had the privilege to meet on our path.

We both were a good team together, all the way.

In the evening, we now all sit in family happily and reunited together around the table
in the garden of Annegret’s and Rolf’s house for a welcome dinner, overlooking
La Côte Airfield, the lake, and the snow covered Alps with Mont Blanc in the distance.

With a colorful bunch of new experiences and unforgettable good memories richer,
we finally will both go where we want, and resume our individual activities.

Happy, euphorique and a bit melancholic….........