7. MUSCAT, OOMS, (Oman) - 24.06.08 - 188NM - 1:35

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Tue 24 Jun 2008 00:35

"23:35.5N 58:16.9E"

Here some impression of the "World's busiest Building Place"


Constructions everywhere!


And it is incredibly hot and humid.


Skyline of Dubai




The Dubai's Golf Club house (Any similarity of a building somewhere?....)


The world's highest building under construction


The world's only 7 Star Hotel with helicopter landing pad on top

Dubai  to Muscat (Oman)

an R&R day at Dubai, touring around the place, we had an early evening snack at the hotel Club and went to bed early this to allow sufficient rest for an early start this morning. The planned early morning was due to the very hot climate early this to allow sufficient rest for an early start this morning. The planned early morning was due to the very hot climate.

The Hotel looked after us well and we were served a hot breakfast in our room and thereafter all went well with clearing Dubai authorities with the help of our Agent, Executive Flight services. We were airborne at by 7 AM and landed at Muscat Airport (with an ILS approach) at 08:30. This was a record for us.

Muscat Airport was very hot again and we cleared customs as -aircrew with a minimum of fuss. We rented a Hertz Rented car and attempted to drive to our Hotel, the intercontinental at the shores of the Indian Ocean.

We managed to get totally lost on the highway. Here we traveled so far half way around the world with all our modern Navigation aids in the plane. But give us a relatively simple task on the ground, to find a hotel only a few miles away, we totally got lost for the start.

After finally finding our Hotel, and booked into our up class executive room (at Airline rate), we spent time in the pool and then started detailed flight planning for the legs ahead. As the next leg to the Maldives Islands will be our first leg all over the water (estimated flight time approx. 10 Hrs), we will take our time and an extra day, to ensure the plane again in A1 condition and all the planning perfectly completed.

As Muscat is again very hot place at 46 degrees and high humidity, we spend most of our time indoors or at the pool




Old Muscat







The old city of Muscat