Part II The return Flight, Pointe Noir, Rep. of Congo to Port Gentil, Gabon

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Tue 25 Jul 2006 11:53
00:43.2S 008:45.1E

Day 9, Saturday 25JUL98

Pointe Noire/Congo – Port Gentil/Gabon – Sao Tomé



Our taxi for the airport was ordered for 8AM.        On the hotel’s terrace we had a quick continental breakfast with some
other European guests staying at the same hotel. We paid the exorbitant bill of

$ 370 in cash, as no credit cards were accepted and then hit the road back to the airport.

From yesterdays information we knew that there was no Avgas available in this place. The only people who could possibly
supply us with a very limited amount of the desperately needed fuel for us to allow us to continue, was a French aircraft
maintenance company at the other end of the airport. After first categorically refusing any supply, lots of begging, they finally
agreed to let us have 200 Liters at 6 times the normal rate.

Not enough, the taxi driver demanded $ 10 for the short drive and his services, on which, we were sure, he could now feed
his entire family for the next month or so.

Congo was not at all comfortable!


No life threatening episodes, but we were pleased when we were finally cleared for take off.

Once airborne, we felt somehow relieved and happy. We made it through the worst part all right. It was a lovely two-hour
flight along the Atlantic coast to Port Gentil in Gabon. We flew along Beaches, jungles, lakes, and lagoons.

Here at this well equipped, clean and relatively busy airport, we topped-up all our six tanks, which hold all in all 120 Gallons
for the next two legs ahead.