29. Port Vila to NADI, FIJDI , NFFN -18.1. 2009 - 522NM - 3:31

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Sun 18 Jan 2009 11:54

“17:45.4S  177:26.6E”

We departed Port Vila as scheduled at 10:45 AM, really just in time as
the first heavy rain showers hit the Island and the airport.


We climbed up to the control tower at Port Vila to get the latest info’s before we left Vanuatu.

IFR departure and climbing in solid clouds to FL 090.
After about one hour in clouds, the meteo improved, and we had a relatively
smooth flight, heading east over the South Pacific, towards Nandi on Fiji
On approach we spotted numerous nice coral reefs and a number
of small islands, covered with palm trees.


On the way to Nandi Fiji


Arrival at Nandi (NFFN) was great, with good visibility, as the Cyclone which had moved over this
Island chain had moved north a few hours ago.

A clean big airport, with all facilities!

After arrival at gate 9, it took us about 1 1/2 hours to get cleared
through Customs and Immigration, as we did not have a handling agent.

Note: We just came into Fiji, as the unbelievable heavy tropical rain
period stopped after more than one week.
This tropical storm caused heavy floods here, and apparently claimed
many casualties.

Paid landing-, parking-and en route fees for all our movements
within the Nandi FIR from Norfolk Island to French Polynesia
of US$ 87.00

Not bad......!

Overnight we stay here at a Hotel near Nandi Airport.
A few drinks, Pool, Dinner and a good night’s rest, then:

Tomorrow morning we move right on to Tonga.