55. Dayton Wright Brothers (KMGY) to Buffalo Niagara Falls (KBUF) 3.07.2009 - 386NM - 2:28 Hrs.

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Fri 3 Jul 2009 12:50

55. Dayton Wright Brothers (KMGY) to Buffalo Niagara Falls (KBUF) 3.07.2009 - 386NM - 2:28 Hrs.


“42:56.4N  078:43.9W"

There is currently a very unstable weather situation prevailing in the north eastern part of the
US and Canada, with heavy rain, thunderstorms, hail, low visibility in many places and high winds.

Last night and this morning, we were carefully monitoring the weather developments on the Net
in this part of the country, and we were considering different routes, to finally reach our jump-of 
location Saint Jones in New Found Land Canada, to then cross the North Atlantic to the Azores.

The place we really wanted to reach today was Bangor Main USA, or Montreal in Canada.

Being safety conscious, we decided to fly today at least to Buffalo Niagara (State of New York).

Weather forecasts predicted, that we could reach this place safely IFR, if we left Dayton in the
early afternoon.

Our flight took us along the planed airway in easterly direction, first at 7’000 feet, and then we
had to climb 9’000 feet, to stay out of clouds on top. Heavy build up’s became clearly visible to
the east, as we approached our destination Buffalo.

We did not expect at all, to have the chance to overfly the famous Niagara Falls today and
admire this spectacular place.

As we got closer to Buffalo, I dared asked Air Traffic Control, to give it a try to overfly the
Niagara Falls anyway, and take a chance and a glance if this was at all possible.

Permission was granted, to follow the scenic route with the help radar vectors, at a fixed altitude
of 4’000feet, in and out of clouds, and finally we could miraculously spot the falls for a moment
and take some nice photos and video pictures.

The flying day finally ended with a happy landing.

Tomorrow, the 4th of July (US Independence day) we plan on moving on as far north east as
possible, hopefully directly to Saint Jones New Found land, or at least to Bangor Main.


Stay tuned!

Here some Impressions:


Getting closer to the place we really wanted to see


still overhead the USA heading in northerly direction


Over Canada and the Niagara Falls in full view


Buffalo Niagara International (KBUF) on finals 23