50. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (MDPC) - Hawk's Nest on Cat Island, Bahamas (MYCH). 3.5. 2009, 580NM, 4:30 Hrs. flight

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Sun 3 May 2009 16:31

50. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (MDPC) - Hawk's Nest on Cat Island, Bahamas (MYCH). 3.5. 2009, 580NM, 4:30 Hrs. flight


"24:09.0N 075:31.0W"


Saturday morning, an early wake up call for 06:00 was ordered

the night before and after a rather small breakfast, we headed

to the Punta Cana International airport by taxi an hour later.


Again we received very friendly and efficient service to get

the latest weather information and to file our flight plan

to our airport of entry on Mayaguana Island, the most south

easterly in the Bahamas chain of islands.


Just by the way, I noted the remarks in the Jeppesen Trip Kit

which said: "Rescue equipment limited to fire extinguishers.

Capacity for removal of disabled aircraft, extremely limited

to light aircraft only".............


After our IFR departure from Punta Cana, we flew along the

Dominican coast to Porto Plata first, and then headed out,

over the sea to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

After having passed the Island of Providenciales, we were then

cleared by Miami ATC to proceed in VFR directly to our

first destination Mayaguana (MYMM).

As we descended between the clouds towards Mayaguana, we

started to look out to spot the airfield of our point of

entry into the Bahamas.

>From distance a rather long runway became visible (an old

WWII US airbase).

As we got closer and closer, we both had more and more doubts

about the condition of the runway. having done a runway inspection,

flying overhead, we could not spot any windsock on the field,

and the large runway was overgrown with grass at its south eastern

end and blocked off with 44 gallon drums past the half way point.

Never the less we decided to land there, as we made previous

arrangements with our accepted flight plan for customs

clearance there.


Only after lengthy taxiing and searching, we finally found

the so called concrete apron, again overgrown with grass and

the many pot holes, which we carefully avoided to reach the

small terminal and customs building.

Nobody was there to greet us, not a single cat!


We waited for about half an hour and then tried to call

the customs people with our Satellite telephone, but no


While Manfred went to see and photograph some of the aircraft

wrecks close by, I phoned up Exuma International airport on

Great Exuma Island, about an hour flight time North West,

to arrange for customs clearance there.


After a successful take off from this strange place, we then

flew along Arkin Island, Crooked Island, Long Island, abeam

Rum Cay and San Salvador Island (where Christopher Columbus made

its first landfall in the "New World"), over the southern tip of

Cat Island, and then to Exuma.

Our final destination yesterday was Hawk's Nest on Cat Island,

a small private resort with a nice 28 ship Marina and a perfect

3'100 feet runway, and its hotel's entrance only 50 meters from

the aircraft parking area.


What a place for us pilots!


Tomorrow Monday, we will undertake the last leg of the stage 3

of our Round the World flight from here along the Island chains

to Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island, and then to Fort Pierce and

Orlando in Florida USA.


Watch this space!



Here some impressions:





Flying along the long beach of Bavaro Punta Cana with its

famous resorts




On the way to Porto Plata




Turks & Caicos




Mayaguana International




No body here!






Finally we spotted the windsock!




This DC3 had seen better times.......





Also this De Havilland "Dove".........




And this Piper Navaho as well




Pitstown Point on Crooked Island





Arrival at Hawk's Nest




On the right, next to the Cessna Caravan, the hotel's entrance





Boats from the USA and one from as far as New Zeeland