17. COOBER PEDY, YCBP, (Australia) - 15.07.08 - 2:08

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Tue 15 Jul 2008 17:31


"29:02.5S 134:43.2E"

Ayers Rock, NT YAYE – Coober Pedy YCBP

This morning, we headed first form our hotel to the Ayers Rock and drove right
around this majestic rock formation. Once we arrived at the parking place where
people normally starting their climb to the Rock, we found out that the climbing
route was closed, apparently due to high winds at the top. Really no problem for
us, as Manfred has climbed numerous times before and also Rolf conquered it
some time ago already. We visited the Aboriginal Tourist Visitor Centre and then
drove on in westerly direction to the Olgas, another interesting looking Rock

Just after lunch, we got on our way to Coober Pedy and as expected, the weather
was again clear sky and unlimited visibility over the endless desert. This flight was
uneventful, as we like it, with our replacement artificial horizon and the autopilot
working as they should.

Approaching today’s destination, we noticed countless large, small and miniature
Opal mines all over the place.

After our landing, we did refuel our plane and were then kindly driven to our
Underground Hotel, the Experience Comfort Inn (an old Opal mine), right in town.

What an experience for us two, to sleep and eat underground and were served by
absolutely lovely hosts there.

Before calling it the day, we went out for a digestive walk through the deserted
downtown of Coober Pedy.


In the morning as we went walking through the interesting mining town, again we took lots
of photographs  and video.


At the new Visitor’s centre, Rolf spent some time to catch up with his E-mails he
received and had to send.

This was indeed a very worthwhile and interesting short stop in an unusual place!