13 BALI, WAAD, (Indonesia) - 6.07.08 - 570NM - 5:36

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Mon 7 Jul 2008 14:36

"08:44.9S 115:10.2E"

Christmas Isl. YPXM to Bali WADD

Early start with a wakeup call at 07:00, we met Andy, the airport manager at the
airport, and completed the paperwork and paid the outrageous high landing and
handling charges of nearly 4oo.- Dollars.
We left in overcast weather and first circumnavigated the clouds in VMC to finally
reach our cruising level 110, en directly en route to Bali.

Half way on our way to Bali, we were diverted by Indonesian control, to fly north
over the Indonesian Islands and alongside of some very impressive Volcano’s, to
keep away from the Military areas.

Volcano’s approaching the Indonesian Mainland

This diversion added an additional hour to our original flight plan. When we finally approached
Bali Island, we were greeted by numerous CB built ups and low clouds. At this point we decided
to cancel IFR, slip under the clouds and approach the Bali International Airstrip VFR, this due
to our defective Artificial Horizon.

This was otherwise an uneventful arrival at Bali. With official customs and Immigration to clear,
took some time to get transport to our hotel in the central part of Bali. We ended up booking
into the Maxi Hotel, right in the centre of the busy town, where all the action is.

We were both pretty tired at this stage and decided to stay an extra day to see a bit more of
this famous place.

Fruit market on our way

The hired car and the driver arrived next morning to show us around town and the
Island and to drive us up to The nearby Volcano “ …….“ at 1’700 Meter altitude.

What if the volcano blows?.....

We had a great day out. Back in town we did some shopping, buying cheap DVD’s,
completed all the paperwork and flight planning and logs.

Bali beach

We called it again an early night  for our flight on to Broome in Western Australia the next day.