15. ALICE SPRINGS, YBAS, (Australia) - 11.07.08 - 676NM - 5:36

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:38

"23:47.8S 133:52.6E"

Broome, WA YBRM to Alice Springs, NT YBAS






That day we got away from Broome nice and early, everything went to plan

on a beautiful day for the last long flight during this stage of our RTW



The flight was just under 6 Hours, flying over the most desolate part of

Australia. When we arrived at Alice Airport, it was their peak holiday





In the center of Australia approaching Alice Springs



Camel races were on that weekend, School Holidays were on. This is

Peak period.


Hire Car and accommodation very hard to get. With the

assistance from a colleague from the International Comanche Society

Robert Commens, we were able to get Back Packer accommodation at the

Heaven, and managed to get the last available Rent a Car at Alice. Also

we found out that our replacement AH had not arrived as promised, and

would probably only be delivered next Monday the 14^th . This meant, that

we had two extra days at Alice to see all the sites there.

Saturday AM we spent time at the Camel races, a very special and

hillarious event.




Camel races, the Fun event


In the afternoon, we travelled along the western Mc

Donald Mountain ranges and visited Simpson’s Gap, Emily Gap, Stanley Casm.






Serpentine George and did not get to Glen Hellen George. It was a great

drive that afternoon and we got back that evening for a special night

out at the “Outlander’s” Steak house with Robert and Rose Commens. We

had a tremendous evening, tasting Emue, Kangaroos (the Australian

emblem), Crocodile and Camel.





ICS members Robert & Rose Commens and Rolf


We managed to raise the Swiss and the Australian flag on the table and

we had a great time with a great company, great food and good wine.


The next day we cached up with our washing and observed how the other

half lives (the Back packers).



Down town Alice Springs



We spent some time at the Ansac Hill and the historic Telegraph station

at £Alice Springs, before exploring the Eastern Mc Donald mountain

ranges to Ross River Home state for lunch. This was a relaxing day.


Returning back at our Heaven Back Packers, we had a early night after a

pizza dinner in our room.


Next day we planned to head onward to the rock, providing that our long

awaited artificial Horizon arrived that morning.


The part finally arrived and was immediately installed by Tony’s

aircraft mechanic.


We managed to get away just after 14:00 hours.