Part II The return Flight, Cape Town, South Africa to Walfish Bay, Namibia

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Wed 19 Jul 2006 20:59
22:59.0S 014:39.0E

From South Africa to Namibia


Day 3, Sunday 19JUL Cape Town – Walfis Bay/Namibia



Up very early that day, not to forget that we had heck of a lot of land to cover in the next twenty days, we headed to the airport. As we passed Table Mountain on the way, we admired
the clouds, which hung over the top like a tablecloth.

In the very well and professionally equipped Met office, I enquired on the weather en route to Walfis Bay in Namibia.“Sir, you are not going anywhere before early afternoon, due to
widespread fog all along the coast up to Namibia”….. the Met officer said.

After explaining that we would leave on an IFR flight plan in view of this, everything was just fine, and we left with all our six tanks topped up.

We set off and climbed through numerous cloud layers to get on top into the sunshine. For some time we were still in radio contact with the professionally working controllers in South Africa,
then once out of range we again broadcasted our position reports in regular intervals, to let other pilots and potentially conflicting traffic know, what our position, altitude and intentions were.

After about three hours, the clouds and fog were slowly dispersing and we could at last see the vast expanse of the desert, which lay below.

It was like this, fascinating, ever changing desert scenery all the way up to Walfis Bay in Namibia, overflying numerous “Restricted Diamond Areas”.

After 5 ½ hours, which felt like 8 hours bladder time, we touched down to be greeted “Guten Abend, wilkommen in Walfis Bay”.


We were pleased to stretch our legs. Unfortunately the customs people we had requested on our flight plan before departure forgot we were coming and had closed up and left. Kindly
enough, the local Police were very helpful and put the usual stamps in our passports to make us legal.


Sand dunes near Walfis Bay



On our way from the airport to the small settlement of Walfis Bay, we passed some of the world’s largest sand dunes and the enjoyed a breathtaking view onto the pelican sanctuary with
literally hundreds and hundreds of those magnificent birds, as the sun set in the ocean.



The long awaited G&T’s and a great stake at the “Crazy Mamas” restaurant gave the finishing touch to a long, but interesting day.