Part I. Heraklion, Greece to Luxor,Egypt

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Fri 5 May 2006 19:33
25:40.2N 032:42.3E

On- and across to Afrika ! Now or never !


N8873P left about 45 minutes before we managed to be ready, positioning our life raft on the backseat and putting
our swimvests on just in case- and take off.

About 90 minutes into the flight over open sea, Bill reported on our private VHF frequency, that they just passed through
some turbulance and rain.

As we passed this are and came out into the clear blue sky, I advised our friends that the rain washed away all the sand,
and that our aircraft was back in its iriginal colours.

After a good two hours flight,  the light brown colored coast line of Africa apeared on the horizon and we then crossed the
same a little later some distance east of Alexandria.

The permission from Cairo control to overfly the pyramides was not granted, so we continued for the following two hours
on the airway, over a fascinating, allways changing desert, via Abydos  to Luxor.


Do not follow the signs of that marchaller on your left !



Approaching Luxor, we requested permission to overfly the famous Valleys of the Queens and the Kings. This time we were
immediately granted permission and---what an impressing sight !

After landing, the tower gave us taxi instructions to park next to the only other plane, a Airbus. While taxiing, I noticed a marchaller
on my left which wanted to guide me to another parking position. At this moment, the tower called and advised me not to follow
that marchallers signs.

After arriving at our final parking position, two heavily armed soldiers were at the wingtips, as well as the fuel truck, a 100passenger
bus and some personnel which put chocks under my wheels.

We jumped out of the plane and I sent the truck away and instructed the man to remove his wheel chocks as we did not needed all
those services. Would I not have known this before, we would have had to pay 100$ for each, for the marchaller, the bus and the wheelchocks.


A short while later we checked into our first class Sheraton Hotel right in the banks of the nile river, some refreshing and a dinner, we went to
 see the light and sound show at the Temple of Karnak. A unforgettable experience !



The famous Temple

The next morning we got out of bed early and visited the famous Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens with their famous graves and tempes.
A place where late last year, a large number of tourists were sadly gunned gunned down by some crazy fundamentalist terrorists.


Heavily armed police and military persons everywhere !


The finger on the trigger

We were told that in excess of 30’000 armed personnel were actually stationed in the are to prevent such further atacks.