54. Clermont Co (I69) to Dayton Wright Brothers (KMGY) 30.06.2009 - 21NM - 0:21 Hrs.

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Tue 30 Jun 2009 21:44

54. Clermont Co (I69) to Dayton Wright Brothers (KMGY) 30.06.2009 - 21NM - 0:21 Hrs.


“39:35.5N 084:13.4W"

From Clermont County airport to Dayton Wright Brothers airport was a short flight
in slightly overcast weather again. This facility is located slightly south of Dayton Ohio,
and this is where the Wright Brother museum is located.
After a previous phone call to the president of the Comanche Society David Fitzgerald,
a number of local ICS members contacted us, and offered their help, while we were
staying at Dayton , the birthplace of Aviation, with its famous National Aviation Heritage Trail.

We spent a full day visiting  the Home - Wright "B" Flyer Museum at the Airfield, and the
United States Airforce Museum at the Wright-Paterson Airforce Base.
The United States Airforce Museum is so absolutely impressive, one could easily spend a
full three days, to admire the countless aircraft from the beginning of Aviation, to the most
modern, and latest generation military aircraft, rockets and spacecraft.

The people at the Home-Wright "B" Flyer Museum offered us a flight on the Wright "B" each,
if we stayed another day.
Of course we could not refuse this generous offer to fly in this 1911 type aircraft.
What an experience..............!

Many thanks to all the people who made this stop over so unique and unforgetable, but

David Fitzgerald, David Vanholt, Randy Carter, JJ Miller and wife Alice, Phil Beaudoin and
 Richard Stepler.

Here some impressions:


Here some impressions


On finals 20 to Dayton Wright Brothers Airport


The Home of Wright "B" Flyer


Magnificient Flying Machine


Lunch at the Hall of Fame of the United States Airforce Museumwith ICS Members
David Vanholt, Alice and JJ Miller


The first US Military version of the Wright Flyer


Some more advanced models....


Stelth Technology


Cold War deterrants capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads (Minute Man etc...)




Fly pass of the Wright "B" Flyer with Rolf and Rich Stepler (Comander and Instructor)
on the controls




After the memorable flight (Worth a Logbook entry!)